What is it?

Dollar for Dignity is a campaign which aims to support the fundamental human right of every person to toilet with dignity.

Who is behind it?

Accessibili-t is a not-for-profit organisation, headed up by leading disability and inclusion advocate Kathryn Lyons.  Kathryn’s vision is to achieve the right to inclusion which is denied to persons with disability, through limited or no access to public facilities that enable safe and hygienic toileting.  

Where does the money go?

Every dollar raised goes towards creating the prototypes and universal patenting of Kathryn’s designs for convenient and inclusive toileting and hygiene facilities.  These designs are currently patented in Australia however Kathryn is raising funds to be able to take her designs on to the world stage.

Kathryn has recently been invited to address the United Nations in June in New York. As well as speak in Belgium, Portugal and Canada about Designs that support safer and more hygienic sanitation outcomes for all people and at the World Toilet Summit, which is considered a unique, global opportunity to showcase her years of hard work and launch her designs for global dignity. 

How much do I have to give?

Dignity shouldn’t come at a cost, but for all people affected by disabilities it does.  Every day, around the world, millions of people are denied the fundamental human right to toilet with dignity. 

We are asking everyone who takes this daily luxury for granted to donate $1 for the DOLLAR FOR DIGNITY CAMPAIGN.  Kathryn’s vision is universal – something which is so simple, shouldn’t cost a lot – it just needs a lot of support.

How do I donate?

DETAILS HERE: https://www.accessibili-t.org/donate

Who do media contact for interviews/more information?

Kathryn Lyons – 0403 767 164


How can I find out more?

Follow Kathyrn on social – https://www.facebook.com/Accessibilit/