Accessibili-t is a not for profit organisation who’s vision is to achieve an authentically inclusive world, one in which all people participate equally and independently.

Working with state and federal governments and global humanitarian organisations to change and create legislation, to improve regulations, to change building codes, to amend charters, and to create new Australian and world standards, accessibili-t are leading the way in universally designed environments.

They are achieving global transformation by collaborating with universities, designers, architects, manufacturers, corporates, retail and transport to develop innovative, useful, world standard products that deliver universal inclusivity for all people. 

Led by visionaries Kathryn Lyons and Vicki Lyons, Accessibili-t are transforming environments in order for them to become truly accessible. 


As a young woman Kathryn Lyons has overcome major barriers of a complex medical disability, which left her bedbound for nearly six years to become an award winning advocate, consultant, mentor, patron, speaker and innovator. As a direct result of meeting with Kathryn, Australian corporations are developing products for the world market These changes will benefit many millions of people around the world.  

Australia has the opportunity to lead the way and be perceived by future generations as a community of people who cared, and acted for positive change.

All this success requires determination, drive, time, effort, strategy, awareness, education and resources. Accessibili-t is gratefully assisted by members of Logan City Council, James Stokes of StokesMoore Law Firm, Queensland University of Technology and Hayden Lowry from Cohere Content Studio.

Join Accesssibili-t and be part of achieving universal awareness, acceptance and inclusion. 

“Amazing things are going to happen” - Kathryn Lyons 2017